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Bluhive Media is a technology company dedicated to revolutionising the broadband internet experience of the companies, homes and offices of Nigeria and West Africa. We believe our solution offers the fastest performance on the market

Our internet solution is efficient, reliable, secure and offers exceptional value for money. We provide solutions that enable businesses interact with the best and most bandwidth hungry applications on the internet

We have partnered with Viprinet, a highly skilled, innovative router manufacturer, who since 2006 has been manufacturing innovative network components whilst fulfilling the highest standards concerning security and confidentiality.

As a leader in solving challenges in receiving internet data unobstructed, we exclusively distribute specialised broadband aggregation products and solutions to Nigeria and other West African countries. We are therefore pleased to be providing this brand-new solution for remote connectivity that ISP's, IT managers and broadcasters will find absolutely delightful and rewarding.

It is our aim to use our technology to allow individuals and businesses interact with online resources at speeds comparable to Western nations. With us broadband speed is no longer an excuse, reliability a thing of the past and security, the best possible.

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