BluHiveMedia Exhibits with XCommNet at London Boat Show 2015 January 9, 2015 0 comments

London Boat Show returns to Excel London for its 2015 instalment from 9th - 19th January featuring over three hundred and eighty exhibitors and many new attractions.
This year sees the introduction of the "4D Experience" and "Control the Rain" and the debut of XCommNet. XCommNet will feature the best in maritime broadband solutions involving Viprinet technology.

XCommNet's solutions allow the aggregation and bonding of multiple WAN links to deliver super high speed internet and video streaming. The uninitiated might wonder how the VPN Routers on offer, by XCommNet, would help out in the middle of the sea.

The answer to that question is two-fold:
1. Assume you are in your yacht. Then assume you want to catch up on a box-set or series but cannot. Err Captain!! The luxuries and conveniences one is accustomed to must be accessible regardless of how many miles away from land one is. The Viprinet Routers come to the rescue here because they can aggregate the bandwidth of multiple satellite and terrestrial links. The combined uplink and downlink speeds provide adequate capacity for streaming Netflix, films or that all important Skype call back to one's acquaintances onshore.
2. The second answer addresses times when the yacht is moored or close to the coast. Any Wi-Fi or mobile signals available can be bonded to deliver even greater speeds especially using 3G, 4G and other Wi-Fi sources.

Often this solution allows the yacht owners to save hundreds of thousands of pounds, literally, as they are able to switch to less expensive WAN sources away from satellite. The switch between different links is seamless and the owners need not know any such WAN switching is taking place. On the other hand, one might opt for improved broadband performance by bonding all available connections.

That means, in one solution, you have great performance, speed, convenience, value for money and cost-savings. For me, this ticks all the boxes and is worth the investment. In fact this solution has been known to pay for itself within thirty minutes of deploying it - YES! thirty minutes!! So if you are in London over the next ten days feel free to visit the Boat Show and do not hesitate to stop by the XCommNet stand to say hello or experience this unique solution.

Bluhivemedia has been invited to work with XCommNet at the show. Thanks Guys!!

- Uwa Ujam.

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